Proclaim*Him Dairy Farm Photos

~Farm Photos~

That's fine Clementine but I don't want to hear your complaining when I don't have a decent picture of you 'cause you just have to see what my shirt tastes like.


Brand new baby!


 This is Orbs, Aquilla, Rockstar (mom's goat, she can be seen here), Cinnamon (you can barely see her behind my head) Annie, Susannah, and me.

Cinnamon, Rockstar, Annie, Aquilla, and Fawn. 

Chicks on the rooftop?? 

Aquilla and Carroll at the park. :)

 Candy wants a kiss from Katie.

Me 'n' my goats.

Pergamos and Majesty are fixin' ta tangle.

Seth and Nate, his Border Collie. 

Nate pretending to be an obedient little dog. :)

"Who said that?!?"

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