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A two legged baby!!

September 24, 2010

Hello All! 
I would like to announce the birth of Mr. Tell Emet Studdard! At 10 lb. 1 oz. he is quite healthy, almost half grown! :-D

He's catching a catnap since mom is awake :-)

Ain't he pretty? And there are the brown eyes! His daddy just can't admit that they aren't blue (they aren't!).
 His feet really aren't purple that's the ink they used to do his little brand new foot prints.
He keeps us busy! Lily (1) isn't sure she likes him at all! Her very first sentence was about him "What is that?!" she said over and over again. :-)

Michaela D.


New Bucks And Lessons

September 9, 2010

I am sooo excited! I'm going to get two, beautiful, Nubian bucks on Saturday! Finding them was nothing short of a "God thing." After loosing two bucks earlier this year that I loved very much and thought they surely had the best genetics I could afford, it took a little bit of the wind from my sails. I cried, I yelled, I was ungrateful. Yet He fixed it. While I was bemoaning my horrid lot in life He was working on hearts and preparing to give me something even better than what I "lost."  I ...

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Thankful For Fall And Friendship

August 27, 2010
    Fall babies have started their entrance into the world! It has been absolutly dreadful waiting for babies to arrive! Coco (Momma's Coco) kidded 8/13/2010. She gave us a doeling! :) :) I am trying to just be excited by the fact that she had a doeling and ignore the fact that she had a SINGLE! Oh, well.
    I am seriously considering going to the ADGA National Convention in 2011. I want sooo bad to be a GOOD goat breeder. I have learned alot just from going to shows and watching Class...
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Guess Who!

August 2, 2010
    Can you guess who is here to stay?? Katie and Heidi!! I got them back last Friday. :) Mr. and Mrs. Clouse will be returning to their missions work soon so please keep them in your prayers. I am sorry that they had to sell their goats, but Katie and Heidi (and me (-:) will be very happy here with all their buddies. 
    Mom's Nigerians will start kidding the end of this month. I have had horrid withdrawls since the spring kidding season is long over. I am ready to have BABIES again! 
    I w...
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Baby Lexi

July 28, 2010
This is Lexi Abigail Jean Jones! Daughter of Tim and (our sister) Jamie Jones. She first graced us with her presence July 1, 2010. I have yet to meet her in person, BUT as you can see she's a cutie. :)

Above is Lexi's proud big brother Landon. :)

Love you guys! Come see us soon.

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Little Swimmin', Little Flowers, Little Rain, Little Shine

June 20, 2010
Ugh! Yesterday was HOT! Sooo we took a trip to the swimming hole down the road....

Carroll, Michaela Doll (Me), and Anna. (Anna was determined not to get wet)
Anna decided she had to get a little bit wet, she couldn't let her little sister out do her! Katie is sporting one of the homemade swimming suits mom has made us girls.

Me, Anna, Isaac, Katie, Lily, Carroll (also wearing a mom sewn suit though you can't really see it), and Noah.

Carroll, Anna, Katie, and Jeremiah. You can see Carroll's ...

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Just Smile :)

June 16, 2010
Oh Wicked One
I want so bad to hate you, to spit right in your face
I know all you want is to impeded me
To see me in last place.
I want so much to see you bleed
As you have caused my heart to pour
It would not disappoint me
To know your presence no more.
Nothing you can steal
Will ever cause me to serve you
Nothing can make me kneel.
You will not dominate me!
No, Child of THE MASTER
Is what I'll always be.
So run away you wicked one
Run away and see
My Lord and Savior, Adonai
Will always my strength and Re...

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Fish and Milk and Kids; Oh, MY!!

May 10, 2010
Wow. Well, I guess I'll start out by letting everyone know that I, Michaela Studdard, caught a fish. :) I casted all the way
 to the other side of the pond. Waited a couple seconds (which is VERY hard for me) and Wah Lah! Now granted it isn't the HUGE one that keeps stealing my hook and line, but it is a fish. :) Next goal is to catch that monster in there that must be FULL of hooks...

I am currently Milking 18 goats twice a day and there are like 20 or so kids still on the bottle.  I love milk...
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New Babies

April 24, 2010
    Well, Lilac kidded today with a gorgeous little fellow! We went and picked up my new registered Nubian buckling today, I'll get pictures of him up tomorrow if possible. Please, no comments from the "peanut gallery" about the number of bucks I have! :) They are all very nice and from different bloodlines. Besides, J Bar G Farms doesn't have a Nubian buck (They have me use MY bucks to breed their does, of course J Bar G Farms and Proclaim*Him Dairy are all at one location :) ) So you ...
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Gone Fishing

April 22, 2010

Well, we went fishing, cleaned a fence row, fished somemore, then lit the brush pile and ate s'mores. :)
I wished I could have gotten pictures of some of those fish! Mom caught several Perch, a Catfish, and few Bass. Jeremiah caught a Perch...I caught the same thing I catch every time, nothing. :P I caught 8 Blue Gill and 2 Bass in one afternoon when I was 13. Never before or after. So...I'm guessing I'll be giveing up a career as a fisher(wo)man. Unless, of course, Jesus comes back soon and t...
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